Get Ready for Your First Appointment at Powell River Denture Clinic

Your First Visit to Powell River Denture Clinic

During your first appointment, you can expect to sit down with our denturist, who will then talk with you about your current situation and how dentures might help. Together, you’ll talk about the different varieties of dentures so that you can determine which is ideal for your situation. You’ll also discuss fit, function and, of course, how your dentures will look. After all of these matters have been discussed, our denturist will take preliminary impressions of your mouth so that he can begin creating a denture that’s fit exactly to you.

Stages of Denture Construction

What steps are required to have a set of dentures made? Dentures are created in 5 stages, over the course of at least 5 appointments. These stages are:

  1. Preliminary Impressions
  2. Final Impressions
  3. Bite Registration/ Jaw Relation Assessment
  4. Wax Fitting
  5. Denture Completion/Receive Dentures

After You Receive Your Dentures

Powell River Denture Clinic is pleased to provide no charge adjustments on the dentures we make. Any flaw in the denture’s craftsmanship that you did not cause is covered for 2 years.

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